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  A real Catholic, Charismatic and Biblical Renewal needs to start from afar.

We need to consider Christianity from its very source and to understand its supernatural purposes; we need to know and live Christ’s ways. Different ways, in effect, would produce no results.
We were created for God, and nothing  less could really fill our lives. Our thirst of infinite, our human longing to get more and more, reveal a supernatural hunger that is often unrecognised or ignored.
Even if we owned the whole world our longing would not be satisfied, because we long for the infinite…....
And the infinite is only GOD, the living God Who alone could fill the void in our hearts.


This is the Price that Jesus paid for your Redemption



Christianity in Asia
Israel, God's People
Modern Philosophy & Truth



God loves you and you are precious in His eyes. Are you not curious to discover this preciousness of yours and His wonderful plans for you from this very moment?




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