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CHINA MIRACLE – Arthur Wallis

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"Hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed ­ across the divide men call the "Bamboo Curtain" you speak to us who dwell in the ease and comfort of the West. With all your deprivations and restrict­ions, you' demonstrate to us something of the rugged grandeur of New Testament Christianity, that we, with all our privileges, so sadly lack-

to you this book is affectionately dedicated.

Arthur Wallis







01.      Why "China Miracle"?

02.      Heights and Depths

03.      The Sky is Red

04.      The Great Helmsman

05.      Planting the Church

06.      The Long Dark Night

07.      Clearing the Ground

08.      Which is the Real Church?

09.      Meet the House Church

10.      The Spreading Flame



11.      Blood Red Soil 

12.      By This They Conquer

13.      How to Embrace the Cross 

14.      Dynamic Praying

15.      Intense Hunger

16.      Where Supernatural is Natural  

17.      Heaven's Agents

18.      House Churches East and West        

19.      A Cry for Help

20.      The Waking Giant

21.      China after Tienanmen – Appendix C


Appendix A - Important Dates

Appendix B - China Ministries

Appendix D - Notes (in each chapter)

Appendix E – Bibliography – All the Books by Watchman Nee






To Paul Kauffman, whose book, China: The Emerging Challenge, was my early inspiration, and who was such an encouragement to me when we met in Hong Kong.


To others whose books have greatly helped me, especially Leslie Lyall's God Reigns in China, David Adeney's Christian Students Face the Revolution" and Carl Lawrence's The Church in China. Where I have been granted permission to quote from these and other writings, this has been acknowledged in the footnotes.


To various China Ministries in Hong Kong, especially the Chinese Church Research Center, Christian Communications, Asian Outreach, and Open Doors, whose communications have given me up-to-date information about the church on the mainland.


To David Wang for his help and encouragement, and especially for the transcript of a message on what God is saying to us through the church in China.


To Ross Paterson, who generously put his China material at my disposal and put me in touch with Tony Lambert. To them both for reading my script with great care and putting me right on a number of details.


To Alan Boardman for the map of China.


To Diana Moss for all her typing and re-typing.

Last, but by no means least, to my wife and partner in the work, Eileen, who has been a constant source of help and encouragement.



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